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the car - 1.9cdti (150) design 2007 4yrs 2 months old - 38k ( ive done 18k - no problems)

average mpg - 42 (Slaters Vauxhall say thats quite good!) but computer does show average speed 30mph , cruising at 85 in 6th - 65 mpg.

Great car however some strange things happening:

1) "clicking" when changing gear - a light clunk felt through the pedals - especially at low gear - but doesnt happen al the time.
2) for a week during JULY - hasnt happened since- press the horn and the car radio volume increases ! (and no horn)

I'm seriously considering part exchanging it at Vauxhall if these niggles are the tip of the iceberg however will lose approx 5.5K in depreciation and will have to find that amount to get a replacement car of same size spec etc. Its due for darker tints next week - maybee will cancel.

Anyone else had these? Should I seek the aid of a Priest? and if so which Denomination?
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