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Hi All

I have owned my car for just over 18 months and for 17 of them the gear box has whined and crunched and really bangs (feels like it wants to pull itself apart when you change gearunless you are ultra soft with clutch and gas). And for the last 3 months it belows smoke which I guess is the turbo, fine in a straight line or up hill, but coast down a hill then accelerate and out pops the smoke!

My questions for an cheap as possible repair;

1) If I buy a second hand / recongearbox what is it compatible with? Eg: Astra Turbo? VXR?

2) Same with the turbo.

Ive seen second hand engine and gear boxes from Astra GSi's and SRi's but are they compatible?

I want to love this car but have already spent over a grand when the exhaust manifold came away from the engine block and shredded the bolts.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.


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