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I have a Zafira (B) 05 SRI 16v 2.2 petrol.

I got into it and tried to start it and nothing. All the lights on the dashboard came on and the radio. But it would not start. Initially I thought it was the starter motor but it bumped started and I got it to a garage not a vx maindealer. However upon further investigation it appeared its is not the starter motor it could be something related to behind the ignition could this be a faulty CIM. Recently the dashboard lights have come on whilst driving when the key was in position 3. The mechanic has had it since last Wednesday.

Since then the mechanic has looked at it and now no lights come on dashboard, central locking is not working, no lights nothing except the the vauxhall sign is displayed on the Radio Console.

The mechanic has told me that the auto electrician has had is TECH 2 Laptop on it and it is not detecting anything its dead. He has told me he needs to tow it to the electricians so that it can be put on the more powerful TECH 2 machine. Am I being sold a pony here?

</font>I am now very worried that my Zafira is not repairable as the TECH 2 is not showing any codes and is in effect dead so I am being told.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar to these problems.</font>
</font>Someone please help.</font>

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